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Custom Guitar Bodies

Griffin Lee – Luthier

Musicians, especially guitar players, are a unique breed of human being. When it comes to their instruments, they are demanding and seek a unique look and style of their own.

This is the very launching pad for DG Lee Guitars! Griffin, a guitar player, sought a unique style in his instrument. Through his curiosity, creative mind, and experimentation, he developed a technique for creating beautiful and durable guitar tops.

Most of all, DG Lee guitar bodies and tops designed and built by Griffin Lee are unlike anything that you have ever seen!

Griffin Lee Luthier DG Lee Guitars
custom guitar bodies from DG Lee Guitars



Like many luthiers, Griffin started learning his craft by swapping pickups in his guitars on the kitchen table while still in high school. He didn't stop there in his quest to make his guitars better; he quickly moved on to building partscasters.

Building Guitars


Before he started building his own guitars, he built a few partscasters, including his interpretation of a David Gilmour "Black Strat". Soon, he found himself acquiring the tools and know-how to build the guitars he had living in his head.

Custom Guitar Bodies


Developing the technique to create custom guitar tops took trial and error, with several methods developed. UV resin and table top epoxy resin became the go-to methods, with epoxy having the most versatility.

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The Future

2023 & Beyond

The future includes the expansion of the workshop, production, and offerings. The goal is to deliver custom guitar aesthetics in the style of DG Lee Guitars to demanding guitar players everywhere.

Unique, Innovative, Personal

We Make Custom Guitar Bodies

You won’t find electric guitars like these in your local guitar shop.