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DG Lee Guitars & Custom Guitar Bodies

Founded on the principle of delivering custom guitars that are unique and tailored to the individual guitar player. We use proprietary techniques to create guitar tops that are gorgeous and like no other guitars in the world. Not only are our techniques innovative, we use some of the most desirable woods we can get our hands on such as Swamp Ash, Alder, Black Walnut, Blond Mahogany, Mahogany and other exotic wood and hardwood.

What would custom guitar tops be without the capability to design custom shapes or just modify traditional shapes like the Stratocaster, Telecaster, or Ibanez RG. If it can be designed and made out of wood would could probably build it for you.

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Like many luthiers, Griffin Lee starting learning his craft by swapping pickups in his guitars on the kitchen table while still in high school. He didn't stop there in his quest to make his guitars better. Quickly moving on to building parts-casters.

Building Guitars


Before he started building his own guitars. He built a few parts-casters including his interpretation of a David Gilmour "Black Strat". Soon, he found himself acquiring tools and know-how to build the guitars he had living in his head.

Custom Guitar Bodies


Developing the technique to create custom guitar tops took trial and error with several methods developed. UV resin and table top epoxy resin became the go to methods with the best results. Epoxy having the most versatility.

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The Future

2023 & Beyond

The future is the expansion of the workshop, production, and offerings. The goal will be to deliver custom guitar aesthetics in the style of DG Lee Guitars to demanding guitar players every where.